Take a walk through Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, and discover their ancient hidden history

Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Every one of these cities is a megacity in its own right. New Delhi is the official capital of our country. Mumbai is the financial and  ‘filmy’ center. And Bangalore, the technology capital.

They may have a whole new look now, but these cities have been around a lot longer than we have. Long before their modern reputation preceded them; Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, were famed for their highly decorated historical background.

If you’re a local who has more exploring to do, or if you’re planning on visiting these cities – be sure to witness the living landscape through a historical lens these heritage walks provide. Get a feel of the city before the curtain of modernity descended upon them, and learn about its immense history!

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Humayun’s Tomb, Delhi

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Delhi Heritage Walks: For Rs. 600 one can relive the city’s yesteryears as you stroll through monumental vestiges of history, scattered across the city. From forts and palaces to memorials and bazaars – Delhi is a historian’s delight!

Juxtapose history with the present, by visiting the Mughal Capital of Shahjahanabad and New Delhi. Built by the British, you’ll witness how much the country and capital has changed throughout the ages. The option of customizable walks gives you the ability to set your day, date, and time. With plenty of history to go see and remember to put on your best walking shoes.


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Bombay Heritage Walks: Established in 1999, it was set up to explore the ubiquitous colonial history adorning the nation’s financial center. It may also interest you to know that former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has taken the famous Bombay Heritage Walk.

But they only conduct private tours on request for individuals and groups so be sure to book one in advance!


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Bangalore City Walks: Bangalore is much more than the ‘IT hub’ of the country. From a 19th-century history walk on MG road to a Military History Walk in MEG & Centre – you get to explore the city the way it has never been portrayed before. Be sure to schedule your own private tour and immerse yourself in Banglore’s lore!