DIY ottoman pouf – make this for your living room in one afternoon!

Try making this DIY Ottoman pouf for your living room in just a few hours, and then you can put up your feet!

Here’s an easy way to give your feet a break: a DIY ottoman pouf in the color and design of your choice. Ottomans are highly functional, light and versatile pieces of furniture. They are also good for sitting on, using as a coffee table, or for putting your feet up. Check out these 4 projects ranging in difficulty from easy, medium, to more advanced: one for making an easy Ottoman cover, and three others for making Ottoman poufs from scratch. These handy designs will help spruce up your old Ottoman with a new fabric or add a pop of color to your living-room furniture.

A couple of samples to inspire your imagination.

Project 1. No-sew ottoman slip cover. Difficulty: easy

There’s no sewing machine required for this one—just your handy T50 staple gun! This is a good project if you have some extra fabric that you really like, want to change up your old Ottoman, or just have a new concept or color in mind.

Check out Kellie’s instructions here on: Gratefully Vintage. All you will need is 2 yards of fabric (183 cm), a staple gun, and a friend. It’s fairly straightforward, but you’ll need some assistance to stretch and fasten the fabric onto the ottoman.

You will need around two yards of fabric (183 cm) for this design.

Credit: Gratefullyvintage

…as well as a staple gun and a friend or helper to stretch the fabric over the Ottoman.

Credit: Gratefullyvintage

And there you have it! A brand-new look for your living room in no time!

Credit: Gratefullyvintage

Project 2. Fabric pouf ottoman. Difficulty: medium

This multi-purpose pouf can serve as a leg-rest, a seat or a coffee table. But you will need a sewing machine, and a little creative savviness. You’ll also need 2 yards of fabric (183 cm), scissors, a steam iron, thread to match the fabric, needle, 1 pound of Pollyfill, 10-15 old sheets and towels. You will also need to download the pattern from the HGTV link below.

Not only is this a cozy, comfy design, it is also an environmentally friendly way to use your old towels and sheets.

Check out HGTV’s design by Michelle right here: HGTV, and enjoy!

Throw your feet up on this cozy, comfy pouf Ottoman in your living-room.

Credit: HGTV

You’ll need to get the pattern from HGTV’s link (in the description above).

Credit: HGTV

It will take some sewing savvy to put together this pouf, but if you’re up for the challenge, it will be a nice addition to your living-room decor.

Credit: HGTV

Project 3. ‘Square pouf Ottoman’. Difficulty: Advanced

This design will require zippers and piping, so if you’re not a pro, maybe get some more experience before taking on this project. Again, this will involve using old towels, sheets and Pollyfill—similar to the previous project. For this one, the dimensions and the pattern will be up to you to determine, so if you have the skills, this might just work for you.

Here are a few pictures to offer you some inspiration:


If you’re handy with customizing your own patterns, sewing zippers, and piping, this might be a good challenge.


A cozy addition to any living-room—the color and fabric are your choice.


Project 4. ‘Square pouf Ottoman video tutorial’. Difficulty: medium

If you found the previous project tricky, this step-by-step video might help improve your odds. This one will require a sewing machine, as well as: 2-3 yards each of different or similar fabrics of your choice; scissors; ruler; fabric material; thread; pins; sewing needles; 15-20 old towels or sheets; and Pollyfill. Please check out ‘Online Fabric’s video in the box below:


Here is a very convenient video tutorial by Online Fabric