DIY: This handmade hanging leather wooden shelf will take you to a remote age of the oriental land

With a few simple materials and following some easy steps, you can create a totally different atmosphere for your room with this hanging wood shelf.

You want to decorate your blank wall, or find a better place for your new collections amongst your couches, low tables, cabinets, and shelves? You may consider making a hanging leather wooden shelf.

With a vintage feel from old belts and worn wood, you can change your room into a quiet place with a touch of zen in the air. It just needs a couple of simple materials to make one on your own.

Then why wait? Let’s start doing this crafting job together!

You need

  • 2 planks wood (ex. 5″ wide by 30″ long shown in the pictures)
  • 2–4 long leather belts
  • Carpet nails
  • Hammer
  • Leather hole punch (You can also make holes on the leather strap with a nail.)
  • Measuring ruler
  • Pencil

How to

1. Using a pencil to draw a line 2” from the end of one board. Do it on both sides of the two planks.

2. Make two loops for the belts about 60” in circumference. To get the straps to the same dimension, make extra holes in the belt using the leather hole punch if necessary. Place one board into the two belt loops at the 2” marks.

3. Hold one belt and turn the board over. Hammer three nails into the belt at the 2” line on the underside of the board. Do the same with the other belt.

4. Turn the plank back and hammer one nail into the front of the board to get the belts fixed in place.

5. Put the plank down on its side and place the other board 10” above the first one, aligned with the 2” mark. Hold the belt tight and hammer a nail into each side of the second board in the front.

6. Make sure the backside of the second board is also 10” apart from the first board to ensure the boards are level. Hammer nails into both belts to the backside of each board.

7. The shelves are now fixed with the belts. Pull the loops tight to make sure the planks are level. Add new holes in the belts to adjust the lengths if necessary.

8. Now your hanging shelf is ready. Hammer long nails through the top back of the belts on the wall. Everything is done. You can put decorations or books on your handmade shelf!

Source: Designsponge