10+ Animals with the most smashing pair of horns—Not your average fashion statement!

You may be well aware that moose have their own smashing pair of horns, deers come with groovy antlers, and blackbucks have the most swanky pair of corkscrews attached to their heads. But, there exist other trendy bovines, antelopes and whatnot that you may be unaware of, which sport their own snazzy pair of horns.

Horns are the ultimate tools for the alpha male, who uses them for fighting, hunting, and defending himself. Females gravitate to the dominant one, who proves his big horns are not just a fashion statement.

In all their glamour, appearing in the form of branches, hooks, and even daggers, horns are bone-comprised weapons that can do some serious damage. Having said that, you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of a giant eland.

Now that we have established our understanding of these pointed projections, it’s time to get this catwalk started!

#1. Ankole-Watusi


#2. Giant Eland

Credit: Wikipedia | Greg Hume

#3. Capra Ibex

Credit: Flickr | Rennett Stowe

#4. Addax

Credit: Wikipedia | MathKnight

#5. Mouflon

Credit: Mufflon | Altaipanther

#6. Blackbuck

Credit: Flickr | { pranav }

#7. Markhor

Credit: Flickr | Marie Hale

#8. Saiga

Credit: Wikipedia | Tiarescott

#9. Caribou

Credit: Flickr | National Park Service

#10. Moose

Credit: Hagerty Ryan

#11. Scimitar Oryx

Credit: Flickr | Yadis