10 tricky questions that confuse even the smartest people–how many can you answer?

In the modern world of technological advancement, we tend to regard ourselves as intelligent. Well, no matter how intelligent and educated one is, there will always exist a list of cognitive biases and illusions that will fool even the smartest of all.

Here, we present you a list of 10 apparently easy questions that will prove this point. Some of them use a few cognitive tricks that our minds fall for, and others are just entertaining and funny. No matter how smart you think you are, you won’t succeed in answering every question correctly. Even the smartest people had problems with it! Try and see it for yourself… enjoy!

After every question, make a pause as the answer is right below. No cheating now… you’ll miss the fun!

Let’s begin:

A brief pause for your calculations… no, don’t scroll down yet!

This one is an example of the “anchor effect,” which is the tendency to focus too heavily on one piece of information and disregard others. Many people focus on the “hard calculations” to find the direction of the smoke, and they totally forget about the fact that the question was about an electric train!

This is a very common cognitive bias, and it also has an even more impressive demonstration. It’s called the “gorilla experiment,” in which the volunteers had to count how many times a basketball was passed between a group of people. People became so focused on the task that half of them were totally unaware that at some point a man dressed as a gorilla entered the scene. It was as though the gorilla were invisible!

Well, do better this time, okay…!

Take a moment to think…

Hopefully after this mathematical warmup, the next question will be easier:

Think outside the box, friend..!

The next question is from a gorilla…!

The answer wasn’t really hard… or AHEM, AHEM!

Try this simple, logical question…

Remember it’s logic, not a question from architecture or engineering!

The last brick…

On this one, even the super genius would fail!

Wait, slow down your mind’s processing factory, friend. The trick is to not think too much…!

Okay, now the second approach:

Think, think, think…

Now this one will be a straight math question. No tricks!

Remember—it’s simple maths!

There you go… well… wait… scroll down!

Here many people let their mind relax too much, and in the last step when they have to add 4090 and 10, they come up with 5000. Funny yet smart trick!

Riddle time:

Well without any “rhyme” but with a reason… the above answer is incorrect!

Again the “anchor effect” does its job.

Well, if you didn’t answer correctly any of the previous questions, this is your last chance! Remember all the lessons and let’s go for it…

Remember the biases…

If you liked this kind of mind stretching, then don’t forget to check out more cognitive biases and illusions. Such mind tricks show us that the reality is not always what we perceive, and that our minds can deceive us so very easily. It is a lesson in humbleness and one worth learning!

Images source: YouTube Screenshot | DailyBroccoli