13 unique ‘houses’ that are stand out from the crowd, #12 is seriously jam-packed!

Often people love to give an extra personal-touch to their home decor, but there are a few people who cross that line and go beyond the walls of “regular imagination,” making their dwellings bear little resemblance to other homes in any regular residential area. No doubt then some of these “craziest plans” become amazing tourist attractions!

Here is a photo tour through the most innovative and interesting housings in the world. Regardless of their usability or purpose, they are just fascinating to view!

#1. This upside-down house even has upside-down rooms… it’s actually a tourist attraction in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia

Credit: REUTERS | Ilya Naymushin

#2. A residential building built on top of another 26-story residential building in Beijing

Credit: REUTERS | Stringer

#3. Mobile home made out of bamboo, plastic bags, and bed sheets in China

Credit: REUTERS | China Stringer

#4. Two budget houses as high as the sky, built on top of a factory in building in Dongguan, China.

Credit: REUTERS | China Daily

#5. Bio-climatic 3D sundial house called the Heliodome in Strasbourh, Eastern France.

Credit: REUTERS | Vincent Kessler

#6. Traditional rock house in Cappadocia, Turkey

Credit: Twitter | Deb Shaw

#7. This 131-foot sun-dried rock has been converted into a house

Credit: REUTERS | Daniel Becerril

#8. This 330-square-feet apartment in Hong Kong works by shifting walls from one place to the other

Credit: REUTERS | Bobby Yip

#9. These old wine vats serve as homes of ethnic Turks from Bulgaria, during the annual grape harvest

Credit: REUTERS | Andrea Comas

#10. A round treehouse in southwestern France

Credit: REUTERS | Regis Duvignau

#11. A crocodile from the outside, a house from the inside

Credit: REUTERS | Thierry Gouegnon

#12. One narrow house engulfed between two block houses in Warsaw

Credit: REUTERS | Kacper Pempel

#13. A house in the middle of the the Drina river in western Serbia, built on top of a rock

Credit: REUTERS | Marko Djurica