14 Winter-inspired photos that wrap up freezing Europe—Sub-zero art as nature intended!

The avid photographer knows to make the most of a frigid European winter. As the interminable drops of snow envelop the freezing landscape in a hibernal white, the majesty of winter manifests.

Extreme, below zero temperatures cause dripping water to form networks of elongated icicles—winter’s works of art—which are accentuated by the wind and rain. White snow carpets the European world and things slow down.

Despite which corner of the world you may reside in, we can now all appreciate a European winter in the aesthetic sense.

#1. A frozen lake in Switzerland

Credit: AP Photo | Keystone/Urs Flueeler

#2. Lake Genevain, Versoix, Switzerland

Credit: Getty Images |  Fabrice Coffrini

#3. Hamburg, Germany

Credit: Getty Images | MARCUS BRANDT

#4. Baltic Sea, Northern Germany

Credit:AP Photo | Eribert Proepper

#5. Versoix, Switzerland

Credit: REUTERS | Denis Balibouse

#6. Hochfilzen, Austria

Credit: AP Photo | Kerstin Joensson

#7. Uzice, Serbia

Credit: AP Photo | cbsnews

#8. Berlin, Germany

Credit: AP Photo | Markus Schreiber

#9. Central Minsk, Belarus

Credit: Reuters | Emirates247

#10. Friedrichskoog, northern Germany

Credit: Getty Images | Carsten Rehder

#11. Davos, Switzerland

Credit: AP Photo | Keystone, Arno Balzarini)

#12. Sarajevo, Bosnia

Credit: AP Photo

#13. Sjenica, Serbia

Credit: AP Photo | Samir Delic

#14. Lille, northern France

Credit: Getty Images | Philippe Huguen

Whilst people keep warm by lighting the fire at home, they’d do well to know that ‘a kind word warms for three winters’, and this is warmth in the truest sense. So, stay warm everyone.