15 nifty kitchen tricks that will help hone your cooking skills

Cooking is a wonderful part of life—it brings us joy, peace, helps us to live in the present moment and is a great creative outlet. Cooking is also a never-ending adventure where you can always learn something new. So, to help you advance your culinary skills, we present you some kitchen tricks that should make your cooking even more enjoyable!

Whether you are a master-chef, an amateur home-cook or a lazy teenager who just needs some form of sustenance while mom is out of the house, knowing the art of cooking will be of great benefit to you. Cooking calms the nerves, can bring people together, and can be an expression of love. But unfortunately, cooking from scratch has become less common in modern times with the fast-paced tempo of contemporary life. We often don’t have time to cook fresh meals at home. People eat out more or buy packaged foods from the supermarket out of convenience. Some people can’t even imagine themselves doing much of anything in the kitchen, and that is such a shame!

If you are someone who fits this description, then this article is for you! You’ll see that cooking can be fun and rewarding. Thanks to these kitchen tricks, you’ll see how simple can cooking be. If you are already a culinary enthusiast, you’ll appreciate these tips, as they’ll add simplicity and practicality to your cooking. They say, “the secret ingredient in cooking is always love”, but this list of kitchen tricks will help you take care of the rest!

1. How to brew tea correctly

Tea is a very popular drink. Many people brew tea everyday, but not everyone knows how to do it correctly. As a research conducted by British Science Week has shown, only 16% of people let the tea brew for the recommended time of between 2 and 5 minutes. Also, the recommended time of brewing varies accordingly to the type of tea.

a) Green tea

b) White tea

c) Black tea

d) Red tea

Brewing time is important, because depending on the amount of time the tea is brewed, it has different effects. And, as the research on this topic shows, only after 5 minutes of brewing does tea release the most antioxidants—helpful disease-fighting molecules.

2.  Perfect boiled egg

Eggs are one of the most common breakfast foods in many cultures; but how many people know how to guarantee a perfectly boiled egg every time? Thanks to these 4 steps, you’ll always get your egg exactly as you want it—be it soft-boiled, hard-boiled or mollet.

3. How to peel your fruit the right way

Another very important cooking skill is peeling fruits and vegetables. With proper training, you can waste less of the good part and make the whole process a lot easier.

a) Strawberry

b) Kiwi

c) Pomegranate

d) Mango

e) Cherry tomatoes

f) Watermelon

For watermelons, first cut them in half. Then perform two more cuts crosswise from the side, all the way through but without slicing it completely—with one cut on one side and two more on the other side. Then cut the flesh into squares, and presto!

4. Re-plant your veggie roots

Why buy vegetables and herbs if you can grow your own? Just put the roots of your used veggies or herbs in some water, transfer to soil after 7 days and you will have organic products for no cost at all!

5. The secret to easy-to-peel boiled eggs

Peeling hard boiled eggs was never so easy!

6. And a similar one with potatoes

Peeling potatoes made quick and effortless!

7. Ultimate garlic peeling trick

Maybe you know how time consuming it is peeling garlic segments one-by-one. Here’s a fantastic method to get the whole clove peeled in no time:

8. Proper way of peeling corn

9. How to peel a carrot without wasting any of it

After trying this carrot peeling trick, you’ll never go back to the old ways of peeling it!

9. Make your own yogurt ice cream

Insert a stick into you yogurt individual serving containers, leave it in the fridge and after a few hours, voilà! —you just made your own frozen yogurt popsicles!

10. Lime and lemon-flavored ice cubes

This is a great way to zest-up plain uninteresting ice cubes!

11. Frozen grapes

These will make a great addition to a glass of champagne.

12. The best way to cut bread

No more raggedly cut bread slices! Just turn the bread on its head to get a clean cut.

13. How to pour juice from a carton

Yes, you read it correctly—sometimes we discover to our own astonishment that we’ve been doing something wrong for our whole lives. Pouring juice from a carton is a perfect example. Shocked? …I know!


14. Meat storage tip

Put your meat in a resealing plastic bag, but leave the seal partially open. Dip the whole bag in cold water holding the seal without submerging the seal (don’t let any water get in!), while still leaving a little gap for the air to escape. The water will force out the air from the bag for a near vacuum seal. Quickly close the gap shut, take it out of the water and your meat will stay fresher for longer—but don’t leave it in the fridge for too long!

15. A fun way of using lemon

Make your own zesty lemon spray!

We hope that this list of 15 kitchen tricks will make your cooking simpler and better for you!

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Images source: Youtube screenshot | 5-Minute Crafts