15-year-old girl with severe dairy allergic reaction dies after eating kebab with yogurt topping

A 15 year old girl succumbed to death due to severe dairy allergic reaction after unwittingly eating a kebab containing yogurt.

Chloe Gilbert, 15, from Seend, Wiltshire, England, was on a shopping trip with one of her girl friends in Bath, Somerset on March 5. It was just like any ordinary day for the two girls who bonded with each other while shopping. The two became hungry and stopped to eat at a kebab shop.

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Chloe ordered a kebab with lettuce, chips and barbecue sauce, and right after she took a bite from it, she started feeling unwell and vomited. She collapsed on the floor. Bystanders let her lie on her back and at that point “stuff came out of her mouth.”

Avon Coroner’s Court heard that a bystander administered the EpiPen on her, which she carried in her purse together with an inhaler as a precaution against any allergic reaction, but nothing worked for her. Her condition deteriorated before emergency services arrived.

Chloe apparently has been allergic to milk and dairy products since she was little. She didn’t realize that the kebab had yogurt on it and accidentally ate the yogurt topping on the kebab she ordered.

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The paramedics were administering CPR on Chloe when the police arrived. She was then airlifted to Bath’s Royal United Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Police informed Chloe’s parents of her sudden demise.

Dr. Peter Harrowing, assistant coroner for Avon, concluded that she had died accidentally.

“This is a very tragic case with someone so young who had such a severe allergy. This was an accidental exposure to dairy products to which Chloe was severely and seriously allergic and therefore her death is an accidental death,” Dr. Harrowing said.

Chloe’s parents wrote up a statement that said, “Thank you to all the services who tried to help Chloe that tragic day, and to the nearby shop workers, members of the public and Chloe’s friend who did everything she could.”

©Facebook | Chloe Gilbert

“Our dear Chloe, a true Angel, is loved and so dearly missed by us, her brother, all her friends and family,” the family statement said.

Truly it is very sad to lose a child or any loved one. We have to be very mindful of medical conditions, and should keep ourselves updated of the special care and treatment needed for any emergency that can crop up.