4-year-old Texas toddler died from ‘dry drowning’ one week after swimming

Don’t take your eyes off your toddlers when they are in the water for even a minute, as tragedy can strike any moment. Earlier this month, a Texas boy died of dry drowning, a very rare phenomenon which can occur to toddlers after getting out of the water.

In the last week of May, Francisco Delgado III, or Frankie, as he was known, was happily splashing about in the water with his family, when unbeknown to his parents, the four year-old had inhaled a small amount of water into his lungs.

A couple of days later, he showed flu symptoms, but the symptoms soon passed and he seemed to be over it.

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A week went by, when suddenly Frankie woke up screaming in pain. Shortly afterwards he stopped breathing.

His dad had called for an ambulance, and the little boy was rushed to hospital, but was unable to be revived, despite the doctors desperate attempts to save him.

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Tara, Frankie’s mom, was informed by the medical staff that he had died from drowning. She said that was impossible, as the last time he had been in the water was a week ago.

Then doctors told her Frankie had inhaled water at that time, and died from what is known as “dry drowning.”

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The symptoms include drowsiness, difficulty breathing after a swim, and behavioral changes.

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The tragic story of Frankie’s death was not in vain, this dad says the account helped to save his own son’s life. Watch the video below, you never know, it might save someone you love too.

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