7 powerful anti-smoking photos that will push smokers to quit for sure!

Having been brainwashed by commercialism, it’s easy to believe that smoking cigarettes makes one look “cool.” But that is one of the biggest illusions in the world today. Cigarettes are bad for you—but, how do you quit smoking? That is the question.

There are plenty of ways out there if one really wants to quit, and the choice is yours! A visual reminder of the risks of smoking might give you the decisive push to quit. Addictions are hard to get out of, but with patience and persistence, you can do it!

On a lighter note, you will also end up having some “extra” money in your pocket and in time you will love yourself for it.

1. Your lungs just hate it…

Credit: TBWA Vancouver

2. Smoking Zone or…

Credit: Everest Brand Solutions

3. Smoking causes “wrinkles”

Credit: Havas

4. Smoking is not ladylike

Credit: logoaday.co

5.Smoking “downloads” Lung Cancer

Credit: American Cancer Society

6. Smoker’s lungs are laden with tar

7. Smoking lowers vitality

Credit: Flickr | ASH.uk