Award-winning Spanish matador gored to death after being knocked into air by raging bull

Bullfighting, a controversial Spanish tradition, is claimed by critics to be a barbaric and cruel practice for the bulls, and dangerous for the matadors. Just days ago, a matador was gored to death by a bull after he tripped on his cloak.

36-year-old Ivan Fandino, an award-winning matador from Spain, tripped on his cloak and died after being knocked into the air by a raging bull, during a bullfighting festival in France.

He suffered serious injuries to his kidneys and pierced lung, and died after a heart attack while en route to the hospital.


A witness from the crowd said that spectators did not realize that Ivan was in trouble, the Daily Mail reported.

“Ivan was caught by surprise and suffered the consequences. People were cheering to begin with, thinking everything was under control. Then we realized that Ivan was very badly hurt, and he was rushed away by other matadors, supported by paramedics,” the witness said.


Ivan, who has fought with bulls since he was 14, had been injured twice. One of Ivan’s colleagues had called it a tragedy. Many mourned Ivan’s death upon hearing the news of his passing.

The Spanish royal family paid tribute to him on their official Twitter account, whilst the Spanish prime minister also lamented the “sad news.”


The bloody “sport” of bullfighting is infamous for the killing of bulls. The recent death of Ivan sparked renewed criticism of the gladiator-like tradition, which is literally a battle to the death between man and bull.

A spokesperson for the Humane Society, an animal protection group said, “For the thousand bulls brutally killed in French bullfights every year, every single fight is a tragedy in which they have no chance of escaping a protracted and painful death. Blood sports like this should be consigned to the history books. No-one, neither human nor animal, should lose their life for entertainment.”