Beautiful photos of stunning sky-blue eyed little girl, all ready to rock fashion world

All little girls are beautiful. Especially to their parents, they are the fairest. One particular little girl is already entering the world of beauty and fashion and paving the way for others who want to walk in her footsteps.

Kristina Pimenova from Russia is 9-years old and is a talented model. She is the epitome of angelic charm and has been modeling since she was 4. She inherited her stunning looks from her mother who is a professional model herself. She is able to guide her daughter in the competitive world of glamor and fashion modeling.

With stunning sky-blue blue eyes and beautiful face and intelligence to match, not to even mention her natural talent, there is no doubt that she will enchant important and famous fashion names. They are all enthralled by her beauty, that it’s no wonder Christina was chosen to be on the cover of the prestigious Vogue Bambini.

Pimenova has been working with the greatest designer brand like Roberto Cavalli and Benetton. Young Kristina will be known very soon modeling alongside the most beautiful women in the world.

Her beauty will take your breath away. Take a look at the beautiful Kristina!

Credit: Facebook | Kristina Pimenova.