Cat rescued from Grenfell Tower inferno now being looked after by church

After the huge blaze that “engulfed” the Grenfell Tower in London, photos of a cat being saved have emerged on Twitter.

Paucho, a grey-and-white pedigree, was rescued from the inferno and people are comforting it at a church, which is now used as a refuge area, the Daily Mail reported.

Credit: Twitter | Minnie Stephenson

Dubbed the Grenfell Tower cat, the kitty is believed to be separated from its owners after the fire which happened on Latimer Road, West London, on Tuesday night.

Police have confirmed at least 12 dead in the fire that destroyed the 24-storey building and expect the death toll to rise as firefighters search through the debris.

Over 70 people are being treated in the hospitals and there are a number of pets that are believed to be dead after their owners fled the building, leaving their pets behind.

Esther Watts who was staying in an adjacent block of flats told The Guardian that she was woken up by sounds of her dog barking and a police officer banging her door, asking her to get out as there is a fire.

She told her son to go first and took her dog after she was dressed. However, she left her three cats at home. “I hope they’re still there,” she said.

Many Twitter users who have seen the photo left comments, hoping the cat’s owners are safe and it will be reunited with the family soon.