Suffering insomnia? Here are 10 songs that will have you dozing in no time

Anyone who has suffered from insomnia knows just how frustrating and downright excruciating it can be lying in bed for hours, exhausted, but unable to sleep. There is hope it turns out, for it has been shown that certain types of sounds and rhythms can help sooth and relax the body. Here we have compiled a few samples of relaxing sounds for your sleeping enjoyment.

Most people are aware of the effects that sound and music can have on the mood of a person—anyone who enjoys listening to music can attest to the effects it has on our emotions. But, sound and music can have an effect on the body as well. Sound therapy is a method that uses audible stimuli to sooth and relax the body, and to help one sleep.

Certain sounds and rhythms can help to regulate the breathing, lower blood pressure and calm the mind’s activity. They can also inhibit stress-causing hormones such as cortisol.

Normally, the various types of music we listen to will have a corresponding effect on the body; while energetic, and stimulating music may invigorate the body, and may be good for activities such as bike-riding or jogging; tranquil, flowing harmonies, and natural sounds are more conducive to relaxation and sleep.

Yet, there is no magic cure for insomnia unfortunately. Sound therapy may not work for everyone. While some may find the sounds of raindrops irritating, others may be unable to sleep to any form of music. Just see what kind of sounds work best for your own situation.

So, in order to help find the right sounds for you, we have gathered a few sample tunes that may sooth your nerves and help you snooze. Sweet dreams!

1. ‘Clair de Lune’ by Claude Debussy

This famous movement by the Impressionist composer Debussy is named after a poem by the same title, ‘Clair de Lune’, which means “moonlight” in French. The quiet tones of this melody suggest a clear night sky, with moonlight reflections dancing upon gentle waters—a consoling image to put your mind at ease.

2. ‘Weightless’ by Marconi Union

This sonic sedative masterpiece is a musical collaboration between sound therapists and scientists. Its rhythms were especially chosen to reduce the body’s heart rate and stress hormone level. When tested by Mindlabs, this track showed a 65% reduction in anxiety among patients.

3. Relaxing Deep Sleep Music

This comforting tranquil keys of a 3-hour track will give you a peaceful feeling like that of relaxing in a beautiful, sunny meadow where there is not a care in the world. Be aware! these soothing tones may have you sedated for the rest of the day.

4. ‘9 Hours of Relaxing Rain’ by VirtualDreamer

There is something profoundly consoling about those rainy days where there is nothing else to do except relax in the comfort of your home. Perhaps it is that the wet weather outside makes our cozy abode feel that much more safe and secure, thus putting our minds at ease.

5. ‘Satellite / Stealing Time’ by Above & Beyond

If the sounds of nature, moonlight dancing on water and raindrops falling have yet to help you doze, perhaps the gentle timber of the human voice might help. Here is a down-tempo, chillout-trance band that may offer you some peaceful slumber.

6.  ‘Gymnopédie No.1’ by Erik Satie

The atmospheric keys of this piano composition by French composer, Erik Satie offers the feeling of quiet and solitude. Listening to this may be the perfect way to escape from the stresses of daily life, allowing you to indulge in a some much needed solace.

7 . ‘Forever’ by The Devin Townsend Project

This sublime soft chorus rocks us slowly, accompanied by piano and synthesized melodies. Perhaps this artist’s soothing style may offer some sweet dreams while we sleep.

8. ‘Retrograde’ by James Blake

This London artist may sing you to sleep with his silky smooth voice backed up by a soulful R & B rhythm.

9.  ‘Bless This Morning Year’ by Helios

Here is a more exotic-sounding melody that seems to suggest an Eastern flavor, offering a more colorful, yet subtle sense of relaxation.

#10 – “Blue in Green” by Miles Davis

That intimate warm sound of a jazz piano and trumpet certainly gives one a sense of slowing things down. If the sounds of nature or synthesized melodies seem to lack a human touch, perhaps the blues melodies of Miles Davies are just what the doctor might order.