Man visits his ailing aunt. 3 days before her death she asks him to ‘look under the sewing machine’

Have you ever dreamed of chancing upon a treasure that may be worth millions of dollars? That’s what a New Jersey man did. But did his dream come true?

Carl Sabatino visited his ailing aunt, who, before she died, asked him to look under the sewing machine. That is where he found an art piece of a lady in a fuzzy hat that he had been seeing from the time he was a child, but not really paying much any attention to.

“Three days before she died, she said, ‘Don’t forget to look under the sewing machine,’” Carl Sabatino said to NBC.

So he did and “it just came flying out, literally on my lap” he said when he moved the sewing machine. “And I began to cry,” he added.

It could possibly be a Pablo Picasso piece that his uncle had bought at a street corner in London for 10 pounds while he was serving as a soldier during World War II. This piece was possibly a recreation of Picasso’s “Woman with a Cape” that has been hanging at the Cleveland Museum since 1956.

He took the painting to an auction house but the top executive dismissed it as a “$10 poster.” That was way back in 2004.

From then on, he started studying about Picasso. Later, an expert took a pigment from the artwork to analyze it and it seems to match the materials used in Europe in the 1930s. There was also a partial thumbprint found at the side of the painting that could possibly be Picasso’s.

If the painting is indeed by the renowned artist, it could be worth $30 million…

Images Source: YouTube Screenshot | Inside Edition.