Heartwarming bond between a toddler born with one arm and her adorable three-legged puppy!

Children and animals are inherently innocent, a way above the selfish motives and notions that are often seen in grownups. It’s a joy to watch them grow and express their basic goodness in varied forms—and when kids and animals pair up together, they indeed form one amazing bond!

Brooke Hodgson, a young mother of two in Queensland, Australia, worries over her youngest child’s future. Her 3-year-old daughter, Ella Peggie, was born with only one arm due to amniotic band syndrome, a group of congenital birth defects caused by entrapment of fetal parts in fibrous amniotic bands.

Knowing that Ella will one day realize that she is different from others, Brooke adopted a three-legged puppy named Snowy—both the dog and Ella were 1 year old then.

Ella’s parents then set up a Facebook fan page to detail the growing up of their beautiful daughter and adorable Snowy, the cute little Staffy-Boston terrier mix.

Credit Facebook | The Escapades of Ella and Snowy

Brooke wrote in the fan page on how perfect the pair is: “This is a friendship Ella will remember and thrive off for the rest of her life. I can’t begin to explain the miracles Snowy will do for her growing up. As her mother, I am so glad we have been able to give her this gift that will guide her through those tough times she may come across and have her very own fur friend exactly like her.”

©Facebook | The Escapades of Ella and Snowy

Brooke feels that Snowy is the “ultimate gift” they could provide for Ella and knew Snowy will “forever change her (Ella’s) life.”

©Facebook | The Escapades of Ella and Snowy

Brooke had come across Snowy’s profile online after she was surrendered by her original owners to the Animal Welfare League of Queensland (AWLQ).

According to the owners, who wrote to Brooke through Facebook after coming across the fan page, the dog had escaped from her original home and was hit by a car. Unable to afford the surgery cost, the heartbroken owners handed Snowy to RSPCA, and Snowy subsequently underwent an operation to remove a leg. They were glad to learn that Brooke’s family would cherish Snowy.

Of course, it didn’t all go well initially when Snowy was introduced to the family. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia, Brooke shared how Ella was slightly doubtful but she soon warmed up to Snowy.

©Facebook | The Escapades of Ella and Snowy

Since then, the pair shares a special bond. Snowy would find Ella first thing in the morning before looking for the rest of the family, consisting of Ella’s older brother, Blake, and father Stewart. The pair also often snuggle up together.

©Facebook | The Escapades of Ella and Snowy

Ella and Snowy indeed form a great pair. “The life lessons she has taught, not only us but anyone who has met her is amazing. She is a little treasure and we are so incredibly lucky for Ella to be our daughter,” Brooke wrote on Facebook.

She also hopes to “show everyone that whether human or animal, limb differences don’t defy you.” We too hope the best for both of them and their family.