Hilarious dad recreates his teenage daughter’s selfies by posing himself in the same way

Only dads know what fatherhood entails, and father-daughter bonds can be really unique. Daughters look to their fathers for guidance and long for acceptance and approval from their dads.

Some dads are just hilarious, like this Chris Martin. His beautiful daughter Cassie, is obviously no longer a little girl, but a young teen.

As most young girls do, Cassie enjoys posting alluring photos of herself online. Whilst Martin wanted to have a dad-daughter, heart-to-heart chat with her, he thought it was much wiser to demonstrate his feelings in a way she could understand.

“Instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better,” Martin says.

The comedian and podcaster from Washington humored her instead of berating her, and he recreated his daughter’s selfies and posted them on his own Instagram!

How hilarious! Look at these dad-daughter selfie recreations.

#1. In the bathroom selfie

#2. Lips

#3. The bite

#4. Check out the peeps

#5. The belly look

#6. Lighten up!

 #7. Like father like daughter?

#8. Curves

We parents might think these photos are hilarious, but that’s not to say his teenage daughter will also think in the same way… well… we can only hope for the best!

Photos Credit: Instagram | therealburrmartin.