Indian barber uses burning candle instead of scissors to create ‘singed’ hairstyles

Would you let a hairdresser or barber singe your golden locks with a flame, and charge you for the privilege? Some would, and what’s more, they are lining up to let him do so. 

Dasharath Kumar, 28, from a small village, Gulbarga, Karnataka, in southern India is in big demand since he came up with the idea of using a burning candle and a comb as the only “tools” to create a masterpiece atop your head. No scissors needed!

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The singed hair is then washed and conditioned to get rid of the burnt smell. After all, you don’t want to set off your smoke alarm when you get home.

Dasharath has become a favorite in the town, even clients, both young and old, from nearby villages are drawn to his salon.

“I wanted to experiment with the method of hair-cutting to attract more people and draw more clients to my salon,” he said.

He came up with the idea one day when the electricity at his workplace was cut off and he had to continue cutting hair by the light of a candle.

“Electricity cut was prevalent in our village and we were used to work in dark. But one evening while I was cutting the hair of a client, power went off and I had to use the light from a candle to finish the haircut. But the flames of the candle that night inspired me to think of using a new technique for trimming hair.”

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“I had bunch of regular customers so when I told them about the experiment, they readily agreed. They happily said they trusted me and my skills and gave a nod for the new technique. Surprisingly, it came out very well. Since then there was no looking back.”

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One customer Yusuf Khan, who was happy waiting a few hours for his singed style said: “Every barber gives a haircut using scissors but the fun of getting a haircut with a candle flame is unbeatable. I was a bit reluctant initially but once I saw the magic of his hands, I never went back to a regular barber.”

Watch the innovative barber perform his magic!