An inspirational man missing an arm—despite his disability lives up to full potential!

This man was born without his left arm and part of his left lung. Despite his handicap, he works out more intensely than many people who are not disabled; and he now wants to inspire everyone with his attitude towards life.

“Maybe tomorrow,” you may say, or “I’m busy today,” or “It’s raining outside.” You may have an excuse not to exercise for every day of the week! In fact, most of these may be self-fulfilling prophecies, rationalizing your real motive: “I feel too lazy.”

Indeed, what they say is true: where there is a will, there is a way.

Now, imagine if you had a real excuse not to go to the gym or to hit the swimming pool. What if you were born missing an arm? Now, would that be a valid reason to refrain from exercise?

Credit: Facebook | Luke Ericson

No sir!…At least not according to Luke Ericson, who by his actions and philosophy proves this attitude is no more than hot air. Although he was born missing his left arm and most of his left lung that nevertheless doesn’t stop him from working out hard and competing in CrossFit challenges.

He does push ups, pull ups and many other gymnastic moves with one arm alone, a feat which for most people would be a remarkable achievement.

Credit: Facebook | Luke Ericson

Luke’s goal is not only to be fit, he wants to inspire others by his actions and attitude towards life. He believes that you should persevere in the face of challenges and always strive to be the best person you can be.

“I’ve seen the effect my story, and other adaptive athletes’ stories can have on people’s lives and attitudes,” shared Luke. “It started off with one or two people, then at my first competition it was hundreds, and now thousands.”

Credit: Facebook | Luke Ericson

“It is your body, it is your life. You only get one of each, one body and one life, you want to enjoy your time on this earth,” Luke shared in an interview, “Being healthy, feeling healthy, there is nothing better than that.”

“There is lots of people, lots with different, whether it’s physical disabilities or confidence issues and internal angst, that use it as an excuse for them not to do something, whether that be fitness or a job or a hobby that they love, or a relationship that they don’t pursue…They let all these different fears stop them from doing something. Just don’t. Don’t let anything or anyone stop you from being happy.”

Keep up the good work Luke! Your heart demonstrates that inner strength is what truly makes us strong in the gym of life!

Credit: Facebook | Luke Ericson