Man takes girlfriend’s necklace, then splits it into half—what’s inside leaves her dumbfounded

This man had always loved giving special gifts that held deep meaning to the people he cared for. So, for the love of his life, he went for something really special to celebrate spending a year together.

Terry, from Australia, was deeply in love with Anna, so he got a special necklace made for her from authentic Tasmanian wood.

“I had always loved the idea of giving someone a gift where they didn’t know its true value until years later,” Terry explained to The Independent.

Anna loved the beautifully crafted custom necklace, and never went through a day without wearing it. However, what she didn’t know was that the necklace contained something more valuable—a stone-studded engagement ring!

“After my girlfriend and I had been together for eleven months I decided I wanted to ask her to marry me, but I wanted to do something unique,” he said. “I also wanted to start doing wood carving and I had this idea for the necklace, so I decided I would give it a go. I found the ring I knew suited her and started working on it.”

“I gave the necklace to her on our one year anniversary and she absolutely loved it. She wore it every day and everywhere we went, and pretty much never took it off,” Terry said.

Before Terry proposed to Anna, he literally had a few moments of terror when he thought the whole element of surprise might get spoiled due to some uncertain factors. While talking to The Independent, he shared that at some point in time, he thought Anna would trade the necklace with a blacksmith who admired it.

“My biggest moment of panic was when we went through airport security the first time. I hadn’t thought about the fact that she might be asked to put it through the X-Ray, which could have very quickly turned into an airport security proposal!” he said.

Anna was obviously oblivious to all of the melodrama that Terry was going through. Terry finally revealed the secret behind the necklace in November 2016, when they visited the Smoo cave in Northern Scotland. It was a dream destination for the couple, and they had been talking about visiting the cave from the time they met each other.

Once there, Terry finally felt it would be a good idea to reveal the secret, so he asked Anna for the necklace saying he wanted to click a photo of it. He then unfastened the two halves of the necklace with a knife. They were held together with a little glue so they came apart quickly, and then he quietly slipped them inside his pocket. Well, somehow, Anna missed out on all this “adventurous” part of their proposal.

Moments later, Terry got down on one knee and popped out the ring and proposed to Anna, who was completely unaware of what was about to happen. Anna was overcome with happiness and said yes!

“She stood there with this completely confused and dumbfounded look on her face, and when she finally worked out what had just happened, she yelled, ‘Yes!’ and pounced on me,” he said.

“It actually took her a couple of moments to understand that the ring had been in the necklace the entire time since I gave it to her. She flipped out—‘Wait, it’s been in there the entire time?! I could have lost it,’” he said.

What a beautiful proposal! And Anna for sure got one lovely and caring life partner. We wish them both all the best for their future life.

Look at the romantic courtship in the video below:

Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot | Smudha.

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