Adopted teen daughter plans surprise prom-date for mom, says, ‘her happiness is my priority’

When a daughter learned that her mom was still feeling sad over not being able to go to her own prom, she does the most amazing thing for her mom!

For 17-year-old Francesca Pfeiffer in Utah, her high school prom night was fast approaching. She decided to surprise her beloved mom, Caridad, who had never been to a prom, by sending her an invitation to be her prom date!

Speaking to the Huffington Post on why she wanted her mom to be at the prom, Francesca said, “She adopted me when I was young and gave me everything. And she’s diabetic and has almost no feeling in her fingers, but she still managed to pack up a house and move a state away in three days when I was accepted to really great high school.”

“I’m excited to make prom up to her. Her happiness is my priority, she has done everything for me and now that I’m old enough, I can give back.”

©Facebook | Francesca Rose Pfeiffer

Francesca asked her mom to go to her high school recreation room where she surprises her with a room filled with balloons. Everything was captured on camera and posted to the Facebook page, “Love What Matters.”

In the description, Francesca said, “My Disney obsessed mom never got asked to prom in high school so I asked her. She was still slightly sad about it years later, so my senior year I decided to ask her.”

©Facebook | Francesca Rose Pfeiffer

“The sign reads “Since YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN ME, I’m GOING THE DISTANCE to take you UP on an ADVENTURE with me! I’ll SHOW YOU THE WORLD and BE YOUR NEW DREAM; so since you are my OHANA, CAN I SAY SOMETHING CRAZY? Will you BE MY GUEST at prom?” she continued.

“I then gave her flowers and two tickets for us to go to Disneyland as a girls trip,” she added.

What a sweet daughter she is! But Caridad thought she is joking and asked, “Are you kidding me?”

“This is why I kept refusing to go with anybody!” she replied. She said that she just wanted to repay her mom for all her care and sacrifices!