Your personality is revealed through your sleeping habits—Check out your pillow horoscope here

Have you heard of pillow horoscopes? Believe it or not, how one sleeps with a pillow can provide insight into one’s personality. Here we’ve compiled a list of personalities matched with ‘pillow pattern’ and sleeping habits.

Pillow pattern here does not refer to polka dots and stripes, rather, how one uses the pillow when sleeping. These patterns of pillow-use are the indicators which are analyzed.

Many people are fascinated by their horoscopes, and like to gain greater awareness of themselves through astrology, face or palm reading. In understanding who we are, it’s intriguing to examine the clues that are silently presented by our subconscious minds.

So, here we examine the personality tell tale signs revealed to us through pillow patterns. What happens to our pillow when we snuggle into our warm beds at night? Is it smushed up, do you wrap it around your head, or are you surprised to find it on the floor in the middle of the night? These are some of the signs a pillow reader takes into account when analyzing a person’s personality. It sounds unbelievable, right?

These are some common pillow readings that unveil the personality of the pillow-user. Which one do you identify with?

1. Arms around the pillow

Putting your arms around your pillow while you sleep could mean that you are someone who doesn’t like to be the center of attention.

You’re a good listener, and a reliable confidante who most likely has bad sleeping habits, such as snoring.

2. Spooning

If you spoon or cuddle up to your pillow, you could be seeking comfort in your subconscious mind. You are likely someone who misses the carefree days of childhood.

Conversely, spooning your pillow could be an indication of your strong maternal or caring instincts. In other words, you could be unknowingly sensing that someone needs your care and attention.

3. On the floor

Waking up with your pillow on the floor could be understood to mean that you have a subconscious disregard for authority.

You might accept authority, policies or expectations unwillingly in your daily life, but would happily brush them all aside if you had the chance.

4. Against the headboard

If you sleep with your head resting on a propped up pillow against the headboard, you’re likely a dynamic, hyperactive and highly alert person, who is full of energy and new ideas.

You may have trouble falling asleep with all that energy. By 6am the next morning, you’re more than ready to get out of bed to start the new day.

5. Tossing & turning

Tossing, turning and flipping your pillow constantly when you sleep could mean that you’re fidgety, feeling uneasy and still trying to find a comfortable position with which to fall asleep in.

People might think this denotes fickleness, but actually, this is an indication of the ambitious nature in you.

You’re always aiming for distinction in everything you do. You’re unlikely to accept standards that are lower than desired, and would not hesitate to try something new and different.

6. Wrapped around head

Wrapping the pillow tightly around your head potentially indicates a lack of something. Perhaps you haven’t found what you’re looking for, or there’s just something missing in your life.

7. Smushed Up

If you tend to crush the pillow under your head, squishing it up like a marshmallow, it could denote a reckless and unrestrained character.

People of this pillow pattern are highly artistic who have many ideas in their heads.

Some people might think that you are a screw loose, but you don’t mind, as you are too busy trying to experiment with the many ideas you have.

8. Pillow sandwich

If you sleep sandwiching your pillow by sliding one arm underneath and the other on top, you could be a kind and helpful person, who always empathizes with the people around you.

9. Under the neck

Rolling and placing the pillow under your neck may indicate you prefer things to be organized, so that everything is clear and with structure.

You are a highly efficient and systematic person, who finds joy in a daily routine and in the little things in life, such as reading the newspaper whilst having a coffee.

10. No pillow at all

You would be surprised that some people choose to do without a pillow when sleeping!

You could be an individualist and nonconformist if you happen to sleep without your pillow.

The reasons why we think and act in certain ways are interesting questions to ponder upon. Although your pillow pattern may confirm what you already know about yourself, what’s presented by one’s sleeping habits is an interesting phenomenon you might like to be aware of.

The above article is meant purely for entertainment and general reference. NTD.TV does not claim responsibility for the authentication of information contained in the article. Reader’s need to exercise own individual discretion and judgment.