Spectacular photos of 1,500 years old Hanging Temple that defies gravity—just INCREDIBLE!

China is indeed a tourist destination with all the magnificent ancient architecture and traditions that span the country’s 5000-year-old history. The mesmerizing glimpses of thousands-of-years-old heritage definitely take the onlookers to another world!

Since ages, China has been known as the land of the divine. With Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism deeply rooted in its traditional culture, the country’s ancient architecture has been heavily influenced by it.

Here at NTD.TV we bring the enchanting photos of the Hanging Monastery that was built more than 1,500 years ago.

Visiting Xuan Kong Si “Hanging Temple”, built at the foot of Mount Hengshan, near Datong in China, is a once in a lifetime experience…

©gettyimages | Christian Kober

The monastic temple hangs 246 feet ( 75 meters) above the ground and is believed to be built by monks to avoid floods.

©gettyimages | Christopher Pillitz

The breathtakingly beautiful monastery was designed so wisely and built right under the mountain’s overhang to protect it from the sun, rain, and snow.


The wondrous temple has  40 rooms, and halls connected by a series of walkways, bridges, and corridors.

Credit: Wikipedia Commons | Zhangzhugang

More than 80 statues are enshrined inside the temple along with carvings of bronze, clay, and iron, each highlighting the dynasty that has maintained it through the years.

Credit: Wikipedia Commons | Doron

This ancient heritage indeed defies gravity…

Credit: Wikipedia Commons | Zhangzhugang