Unidentified Secret Service officer feeds homeless man, photographer captures the heartwarming moment

Whilst presidential security and criminal investigations are the core responsibilities for Secret Service officers, here’s one kind-hearted officer who was seen going above and beyond to feed a homeless man.

Photojournalist Van Applegate, from Fox 5 DC, was near the White House on Sept. 4 when he saw a Secret Service officer, who was patrolling on bike, stop outside a church to feed a homeless man.

©Twitter | Van Applegate
©Twitter | Van Applegate

Applegate snapped a photo of the officer and uploaded it to his Twitter account. He wrote: “@SecretService bike officer drops of [sic] hot meal to homeless man sleeping outside St. John’s Church, a block from the White House. Day made.”

The tweet had garnered nearly 300 likes, with several netizens commending the officer’s kindness.

One netizen praised the officer: “It good to see something inspiring and positive from one of our civil servants. Definitely shows there are some good guys out there!”

However, another disagreed with Applegate: “That the man is OUTSIDE the church and not receiving shelter INSIDE ….doesn’t make my day at all!!!”

To which Applegate justified his reason, “I can’t speak for the man, the church, or the officer, but it was a nice gesture nonetheless. In a world where we’ll take what we can get.”

Notably, President Donald Trump had visited the same church on Sunday morning for a service on the National Day of Prayer for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.