Hurricane Irma: Baby triplets among youngest survivors after 185mph winds rip through British Virgin Islands

After Hurricane Irma ravaged the British Virgin Islands, “thousands” have become unaccounted for, and at least four casualties have been confirmed. Amidst the mayhem, a seconds-long phone call has confirmed what may be the island’s youngest survivors, these 6-month-old baby triplets. But since Wednesday, all contact with the island has been lost.

Babies Beatrice, Charlotte, and Isabella, the three adorable triplets, were with their Brit parents, Kate Jackson, 33, and Alex Ashman, 31, in their home on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands when Irma hit with winds of 185 mph (approx. 298 kph).

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Jackson’s other sister in Manchester, Claire Jackson, 29, couldn’t get a wink of sleep. She was beside herself with worry over the 6-month-old girls’ safety.

“I haven’t slept. These girls are so young. It’s probably the two worst days of my life,” Claire told MailOnline.

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Fortunately, the triplet’s parents brought them to the back of the house, perhaps the only safe spot, where they hunkered down together during Irma’s violent thrashing. By the end of it all, their house had turned mostly to rubble.

Jackson informed Claire that her nieces were safe in a seconds-long phone call.

“I’m guessing the roof went. The balcony would all have been torn up,” said Claire.

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It was a “huge relief” for Claire, though she was still worried about the next storm, Hurricane Jose, on course to hit the island this weekend.

Jackson’s friends are relieved the family survived.

Rob Harmon, wrote on a Facebook post: “Kate Jackson with babies and all have survived Irma. The house was destroyed with the rest of the island, but the greatest miracle of all has occurred. They are alive and well and that’s all we know.”

Source: Facebook | Rob Harmon

Harmon also shared about the extent of the wreckage on the island—which houses around 28,000 residents.

“It is beyond imaginable. It is worse than we could ever imagine,” Harmon wrote. “We are still waiting on word from Kate Jackson to find out where


“Thousands of people are missing and the islands have barely begun to receive any aid… For now, continue to keep them in your prayers and stay strong. They are going to need us when it matters most,” he added.

Source: Facebook | Rob Harmon

“I can tell you there are hundreds of other people that are trying to find out if their families are ok,” Claire said.

All phone reception, including internet connection, has been out since Wednesday.

“We lost contact with them [Wednesday] at 4pm. They said it was the first part of the storm before the eye and they were doing ok,” said Claire.

The U.K. territory declared a state of emergency after the megastorm tore through.

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