Rescuers arrive to save couple stranded in flood. But then they see ‘something’ else

This elderly couple in Japan were determined to take their beloved dogs with them after a flash flood hit the city of Joso. They held on tight, till help came…

In September 2015, the city of Joso, about 60 kilometers north of Tokyo, Japan, was hit by “unprecedented” rainfall, brought about by a tropical storm with winds of up to 125 km/h (78 mph). The torrential rain caused the Kinugawa River’s banks to burst, sending raging floodwaters into the city.

As the flash flood inundated the city of 65,000 people, residents climbed onto their rooftops to escape the high waters, such as the elderly couple in these visuals.

Aerial footage shows a rescuer from Japan’s Self-Defence Force (SDF) lowering himself to the rooftops of this elderly couple’s house, which was almost submerged in water on Sept. 10. The couple, each clinging desperately to their dogs, were perched atop a roof.

The rescuer first secured the woman, still holding onto her puppy. With a harness, they were both hoisted up by a hovering helicopter.

After rescuing the woman, the rescuers began airlifting the man, who was also clutching tightly to his dog.

Thankfully, the elderly couple and their beloved Shiba Inus were plucked to safety, straight into the helicopter.

This dramatic rescue footage has been watched by over 1 million YouTubers. Many praised the couple for their refusal to let go of their furry companions, in spite of the risk, as well as the bravery of the rescuers from Japan’s Self-Defence Force (SDF).

“WOW. Look at the FORCE of that water!!! At anytime that house could have collapsed and washed them all away. This was in Japan. Great job!!! So grateful for all the people who work on emergency rescue teams around the world,” one YouTube user wrote.

“Thank you so much for protecting the dogs all the way. You guys are great owners,” another commented.

Watch the video:

Photo credit: YouTube Screenshot | IBTimes UK.