2-year-old heartbroken girl cries when friends called her ‘bad,’ then loving dad resolves everything

Seeing someone crying, and especially your own kids, is totally heart wrenching and you would do anything just to make them stop crying. This is how a loving father consoled her two year old daughter when she got hurt by what the others were saying about her.

Tiara, 2 years old, was feeling upset after her friends called her “bad.” In the comfort of her dad’s car, she expressed her disappointment and sadness to him. Her father seeing how hurt she was asked why she did not tell him, and with that being said she started bawling.

She was crying so loudly that all she could do was slump on her dad’s shoulder and cry.

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Seeing how distressed his daughter was, he knew what he had to do. He embraced Tiara and asked her to tell him everything that had happened. But all Tiara could do was cry and say “because…” She also told her dad in between sobs that she wanted to see her mom to which the dad agreed to.

Her father kept on pushing her into telling him again why she was crying, but then she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. She just cried quietly. Her dad gave her some good advice as she was crying and he said, “Don’t let them see you cry, okay?” and Tiara nodded in agreement.

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Tiara’s dad asked her too if she was okay and she said yes. After all the drama and crying, her dad and Tiara gave each other a tight embrace and everything was good.

Such is the relationship between a father and a daughter. There is such a special bond between them and there is no tear that a dad can not wipe away, no hurt that he can not ease and no heartbreak that he can not fix. A hug and a kiss is all that a daughter needs.

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