Miracle baby didn’t breathe for 22 minutes, but doctors refused to give up hope

When a baby girl was born much after the due date and was not breathing for over 20 minutes, the medical team tried hard to resuscitate her.

34-year-old Rachel Norey from Essex, the UK, was due to give birth but the baby was late by almost two weeks. While she waited at the hospital to be induced to labor, she started bleeding heavily, the Mirror reported.

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The bleeding was caused by her placenta separating from the uterine wall and an emergency cesarean section was performed to deliver the baby.

But baby Matilda did not breathe for the next 22 minutes following her birth. The doctors managed to resuscitate her and transferred her to another hospital five hours after she was born.

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Three days later, doctors told the shocked parents to prepare for the worst but the baby girl had other plans and the parents were amazed at their little girl’s miraculous recovery.

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“It was a miracle and over the following days, we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. It was as if hour by hour she was coming back to life—the doctors were simply astounded,” Rachel said.

“We were told how lucky we were, how the chances of this happening were slim to none and how our daughter was “Miracle Matilda.” And within no time at all she became so strong that we were talking about going home,” she continued.

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After staying in hospitals for over a month, Matilda was finally allowed to go home. She has recently passed her six-month health check and Rachel says they owed to the doctors for saving their baby girl.

“They were desperate to save Matilda. She was full-term, completely healthy, they all felt they had to keep going and they kept going, thank goodness,” she said.