‘It’s daddy!’ heartwarming reaction of 3-year-old boy when he receives ‘huggable’ doll

It is often hard for young children to understand why their military parents have to be away from home for a long time, and they sure miss them a lot. A mom in the UK found a solution to stop her young boy from missing his dad.

Three-year-old Austin Mitchell would ask his mom, Rebecca, every night where his daddy was. His father, Barry, is an able seaman in Navy and being underwater in a submarine, he is often unreachable for months.

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Rebecca came across Huggable Heroes, a company based in Norfolk that made personalized dolls with a picture of the “hero” on it.

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She ordered it for Austin and when the present was unveiled, Austin’s reaction was priceless upon seeing his father’s image on the doll.

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“It’s so hard telling a three-year-old he can’t see his dad, and even harder trying to explain he can’t speak to him because he is underwater,” said Rebecca.

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“I wasn’t sure what he was going to do when I gave him the doll, but his reaction actually made me really emotional,” she said.

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“You can hear my voice crack a little in the video. He takes it everywhere with him now. His nursery don’t usually allow comfort items but they have made a special exception for this,” she added.

The owner behind “Huggable Heroes” is Jo Lomax. Jo is a mother of two who launched it in 2015, after she made a doll for her friend’s daughter whose father would be deployed for six months.

She continued to make a doll each for her young children and discovered that the dolls helped them cope with the separation from their royal marine dad.

Watch this heartwarming video below: