This French artist illustrates his journey as a parent with his 4-year-old daughter and it’s absolutely adorable

Every parent has their own style and special way of handling challenges that we inevitably face as we raise our children. However, being a single parent is a completely different ball game in itself.

One parent is responsible for fulfilling the role of two caregivers which is immensely challenging.

French artist Yannick Vicente is a single father who understands these struggles all too well. His illustrations feature him and his 4-year-old daughter Anaé in daily activities and express the emotional, the humorous, and the inexplicable moments on their special journey together. 

People on social media are lauding Vicente for his simple yet touching illustrations that ring a chord with parents around the world.

Credit: Facebook| Y. (Yannick Vicente).

Here are some of his heartwarming illustrations that are resonating with parents worldwide!

1. When kids ask you existential questions.

We all have questions, but kids are growing up and the questions they ask are so blunt it puts us parents in a tough spot which is usually baffling and adorable at the same time. A curious kid is always fun to be around!

Credit: Facebook| Y. (Yannick Vicente).

When it’s your kids who motivate you

Sometimes we get worn down and struggle with things the things we find challenging. The unconditional love and support of your child can take all that anxiety away and makes you do the best you possibly can.

Credit: Facebook| Y. (Yannick Vicente).

When your kids are the ones who anchor you

It is easy to get lost chasing success; our kids are the one thing that can bring us back and remind us of the important things in life. They help keep our feet grounded no matter how much one grows.

Credit: Facebook| Y. (Yannick Vicente).

When kids are the personification of unconditional love

The easiest way to define love after you become a parent is through your child. They become the center of your universe, like the sun sending love rays into your life.

Credit: Facebook| Y. (Yannick Vicente).


Letting them down is never an option

Getting your kids’ hopes down is never going to be an option, no matter what.

Credit: Facebook| Y. (Yannick Vicente).

Being a parent is a full-time job!

Once you are a parent, the only job you have is to love your child and be there for them. Everything else is secondary.

Credit: Facebook| Y. (Yannick Vicente).

Vicente’s comics are a testimony to how art can be personal yet universal enough to touch everyone who is on a similar journey in life.

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