Inspirational 9-year-old girl survived 4th degree burns—she’s a living miracle!

Tilly Sawford proved her doctors wrong when she took her first steps 7 years after having a near-fatal accident. Her story became viral; now she is living proof that miracles are real.

You wouldn’t think that this cheerful 9-year old girl had suffered over 500 operations and years of therapy. As you can see, she can still smile after all that she’s been through. She is happier than ever, especially now that she can walk without any help at all!

Emma Sawford, Tilly’s mom told Caters News that she is more than proud of her daughter saying, “She’s my hero.”

Credit: Carters News Agency

Tilly Sawford was only a year old when a terrifying accident happened inside their home. One of her brothers accidentally turned on the bath faucet, which caused the tub to fill up with boiling hot water. The water reached boiling temperature rapidly, because of a broken boiler, which unfortunately the Sawfords were unaware of. Tilly was playing when she accidentally slipped into the tub.

Credit: Carters News Agency

After she was rushed to the hospital, she was immediately sent to the intensive care unit. With 4th degree burns to 86% of Tilly’s body, doctors told her parents that she only had a 5 percent chance of survival, and if she managed to pull through, she would live out her days in a wheelchair.

Tilly’s parents, Emma and Kyle were devastated when they heard the doctors’ diagnosis. But they soon realized that their daughter was one tough gal and they were not going to give up so easily.

Credit: Carters News Agency

Tilly stayed in the intensive care unit for 6 months. After 4 months of countless surgeries including a leg amputation and blood transfusions, our strong little fighter was brought back from the brink of death. Everyone was amazed that Tilly was able to survive.

The doctors told them that Tilly would still have a long journey of exhausting therapies and hospital check-ups ahead, but to Tilly it was no big deal. What an amazing little girl—don’t you agree?

Credit: Carters News Agency

7 years after the incident, she is now flaunting her ability to walk with her new prosthetic leg, for all the world to see.

According to her mom, she is filled with life and more playful than ever. She enjoys the company of her family, especially her siblings, Toby, 12, Kaden, 10, Elise, 6, and Daisy May, 2.

Credit: Carters News Agency

This inspiring story of Tilly Sawford teaches us to never give up even if life gives us a hard time. There are moments when you will feel confused, disheartened, and discouraged, but you must ALWAYS choose to get back up, and show the universe what you’re made of! You are stronger than you think!

Watch Tilly as she courageously takes her first steps!