Mom whose baby was almost kidnapped by stranger, issues chilling warning for other parents

Parents with young children often have to stay vigilant while on a holiday, making sure their children are safe from danger, and as well as strangers who might attempt child-kidnapping.

A British mom, Blaise Deacon, recently revealed on her Facebook how her 23-month-old baby girl, Darcie, was almost snatched away by a stranger while she was on holidaying in Spain, and hope other parents will stay alerted while on holiday.


The incident took place last week at HYB Eurocalas Hotel, in Calas de Mallorca, Majorca, Spain. Speaking to Majorca Daily Bulletin, she recalled that horrifying night when a stranger came up to her and her sister, Kealy, while her partner had gone to the restroom.

It was the second night for Blaise and her family and they were in the entertainment room when her partner had to leave to go to the bathroom. She had Darcie in her lap.

“Then, all of a sudden, I saw this woman with very dark skin and blonde hair approaching over my left shoulder. The lady put her arms around her telling us that she was taking her! Initially, I thought she had come to help calm little Darcie down,” Blaise said.

“But I held on tight as my sister told her ‘no!!!’ and when the women realized she wasn’t getting her, she took off running,” she continued.


Blaise tried running after the woman and saw her fleeing the hotel, jumping into a car that was waiting outside, with its engine running.

The hotel refused to call the police, so Blaise searched for the emergency number online and contacted the police who arrived in 15 minutes.

“The police were excellent and even came up to our room to check on Darcie; that she was OK. She was, she’s too young to have realized what very nearly happened, but we certainly weren’t. The following day the police returned, spoke to staff, stressing the seriousness of the matter and went through CCTV footage with us. From what we understand, they have a match of the suspect and are now looking for her,” she said.

Credit: Facebook | HYB Eurocalas

“We didn’t change hotels because, with the police involved, we felt safer. But I turned to Facebook to warn people coming out or already on holiday here to keep a close eye on their young kids,” she continued.

“Some people have posted notes questioning what we were doing up at 11 pm with a 23-month old, but we were on holiday and we felt safe in the hotel. Once the police had got involved and been so helpful, and supportive, we decided to remain at the hotel and make the best of what was left our holiday,” she added.