Mom thinks child got bug bite, but then doctors identify it as poisonous Black Widow

We have heard of the Black Widow Spider and also know that the venomous bite of these spiders is particularly harmful to humans. Luckily this mother acted swiftly after her daughter developed a high fever following a bite just behind her knee.

When 5-year-old daughter Kailyn developed a bluish purple lesion just behind her knee, her mother, Kristine Donovan, thought it looked like an ordinary little bug bite that must have occurred while she was playing in the yard.

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“She never felt it bite her,” Kristine told CBS Boston. “It could have been in her jeans, in the location where it bit her. We just don’t know.”

At school, Kailyn developed a high temperature and her parents were informed of her condition. The parents took her to their pediatrician and were advised to take Kailyn to the hospital without delay.

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Infectious disease specialists at UMass Memorial Hospital established that it was a bite from a Black Widow spider. Black widow venom destroys the flesh around the bite due to which the lesion in the little girl’s leg was turning darker and blacker.  The female of the species is most dangerous as its venom can affect humans.

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Fortunately, Kaylen recovered, although she is limping.

Female widow spiders are typically dark brown or a shiny black in color when they are full grown, usually exhibiting a red or orange hourglass on the underside of the abdomen. The bodies of black widow spiders range from 3 to 10 mm in size, while some females can measure up to 13 mm in their body length. Black Widows are found in dark places, under tables and the like, and in holes in the ground.

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It’s important to check your child’s body after playing outdoors. Any injury or bite should be monitored, and if fever, cramping, sweating, or stiffness develops, have it checked.

It is better to be safe than sorry!