Obese couple loses 322 pounds, now to be blessed with a ‘miracle baby’

This couple lost 322 pounds (146 kg) in total to earn themselves a ‘miracle baby.’ Their experience is not just inspirational for weight-watchers but proves that with determination, one can pull through the toughest of challenges.

Kelly Havel really wanted a child after getting married. But for her, it was like “mission impossible.”

Doctors told Havel she had very little chance of conceiving naturally and was at high risk of miscarriage with her health condition. At that time, Havel weighed 365 pounds (166 kg) and was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), which can result in infertility and excessive weight gain, according to Caters News Agency.

Credit: Facebook | Kelly Havel

“One of my biggest fears was not being able to conceive and have my own child,” said Havel, a medical assistant from Gerber in California, USA. “In addition to being scared that my genes wouldn’t work in my favor either, my mother and grandmother were only able to conceive one child each.”

Credit: Facebook | Kelly Havel

Havel had been overweight since childhood. “I was overweight as a young child and put on increasing weight in high school, I was always overeating, my portion control was not great,” she said.

And the PCOS makes it easier for women to gain weight. She explained: “Due to my condition, you can gain up to 5lb from just one cheat meal whereas other people will only gain a pound.”

Credit: Facebook | Kelly Havel
Credit: Facebook | Kelly Havel

Despite being tormented by obesity all those years, she was still unable to lose weight. Growing up, she was constantly bullied as a child and through adolescence.

Havel, however, was determined to have her own child, so losing weight became imperative.

“I knew if I wanted to increase my chances of falling pregnant naturally I would have to lose weight and that became my motivation,” Havel said.

Credit: Facebook | Kelly Havel

She changed from her high sugar diet to a healthy one and started exercising five times a week.

“I went from drinking Red Bulls and eating candy bars for breakfast to coffee without cream or sugar, egg whites, and turkey sausage…I made more healthy choices, instead of going to the movies I would go for walks, hikes, park further away from stores and sneak exercise in where I could.”

She managed to lose an impressive 190 pounds through her determination and hard work.

Credit: Facebook | Kelly Havel

After trying multiple times in vain to conceive, and suffering one miscarriage, she considered resorting to medication. Before taking any medication, however, she found she was finally pregnant.

“It was like a miracle, we had conceived my daughter without medication, despite the odds being heavily stacked against us.”

She gave birth to an adorable baby girl, McKena Rae. She and her husband call their daughter “our little miracle baby.” Havel explained: “A baby after a miscarriage is called a rainbow baby, so she’s definitely a blessing.”

Credit: Facebook | Kelly Havel

Her husband Justin, who weighed 340 pounds (154 kg), was inspired by his wife’s transformation. He then worked hard to reduce his weight and managed to lose 130 pounds.

The couple intends to raise their daughter on a healthy diet and exercise.

“Both my husband and I grew up morbidly obese, our goal is to be healthy for our daughter so she doesn’t have to follow in our path and has a healthy lifestyle,” Havel explained.

“Now, every day I look at our daughter she is a constant reminder of everything me and my husband have achieved.”