This healthy couple have barely eaten in 10 years, they just don’t get hungry!

This couple eat much less than the average person, yet they appear quite healthy. They have barely eaten for almost a decade. They say they never feel hungry, and exist on energy from the universe, and from themselves.

Akahi Ricardo, 36, and Camila Castello, 34, are followers of Breatharianism, they believe food and drink are not needed, and life can be sustained on just prana, or vital force. Scientists say that restricting the number of calories you eat can help you live longer. Whilst a long life is most desirable, seemingly starving oneself doesn’t sound that enjoyable.

But intermittent fasting, say missing breakfast, then having lunch at around 1pm, then dinner at 7pm, has more appeal, and can have many benefits. It sets into motion the same mechanisms for living longer as does a calorie restriction. The good news is, you get the benefits of living longer, minus the inconvenience of starving.

Camilla says she ate just five times during her first pregnancy. She now has two happy and healthy children. The couple eat food only three times a week, usually some fruit or broth. They have two young children, but do not enforce their beliefs on the children, and encourage them to eat normal intakes.

Credit: Facebook | Katie Rummel
Credit: Facebook | Akahi Ricardo

“For three years, Akahi and I didn’t eat anything at all and now we only eat occasionally, like if we’re in a social situation or if I simply want to taste a fruit,” said Camila.

Credit: Facebook | Akahi Ricardo

“With my first child, I practiced a Breatharian pregnancy. Hunger was a foreign sensation to me so I fully lived on light and ate nothing.”

“I went for regular pregnancy check-ups and my doctor confirmed the above average growth of a very healthy baby boy.”

“My blood tests during all three trimesters were impeccable and I gave birth to a healthy, baby boy,” said Camila.

“Obviously, our living costs are a lot less than most families and that has allowed us to spend our money on things that really matter like travelling and exploring together,” said Akahi.

Credit: Facebook | Katie Rummel

During her second pregnancy Camila did eat more, mainly fruit and vegetable broth, but says it was a lot less than the recommended amount.

“Humans can easily be without food, as long as they are the [sic] connected to the energy that exists in all things and through breathing,” said Camilla.

The couple have now increased their eating to three or four times a week.

Credit: Facebook | Akahi Ricardo

There have been others who have been unsuccessful in their fasting attempts, and sadly some of them are no longer with us. It is a method that requires careful monitoring and thought.

Although some monks living in isolation have succeeded, for ordinary folk living in today’s society, maintaining a balanced diet is may be the better option.

Credit: Facebook | Akahi Ricardo