Woman’s deadly childbirth complications use hospital’s entire blood supply—blood donors save her life!

One woman is lucky to be alive after the delivery of her 3rd child nearly cost her life, and cost the hospital its entire blood supply. Amazingly, both mom and baby survived the ordeal, and are both happy and healthy at home.

Natasha Pollock, 34 who runs a guest house says: “I am so lucky to be here – if it wasn’t for blood donors my children would be growing up without a mum.”

Credit: Carters News Agency

“The doctors said they’ve never seen a transfusion as big as mine, and they think it was the most blood anyone has ever received and survived in the UK.”

Indeed, after a difficult pregnancy and after some serious warning signs, doctors decided to proceed with a cesarean section 8 weeks prior to Natasha’s expected delivery date.

During the operation, doctors made an alarming discovery: Natasha had a rare condition causing the placenta to come through the uterine wall, and hinge onto her bladder. Natasha was thus loosing dangerous amounts of blood.

She described her condition: “My uterus had so many holes in it that it looked like a colendar.”

Credit: Carters News Agency

The operation lasted an extensive 9 hours, while doctors were not optimistic she would survive, even warning her husband, Dai that she may not survive the ordeal.

Natasha said: “My consultant had phoned a bladder surgeon colleague who rushed in to help – he was able to patch it up, saving me from having a catheter for the rest of my life.”

During the operation, she required 39 pints of blood, after which the hospital ran out and needed to call for an emergency backup supplies, where an additional 5 pints were administered.

“I also had to have a hysterectomy – my uterus was destroyed, there were so many holes it looked like a colander. It was irreparable,” Natasha explained.

Credit: Carters News Agency

Her husband, who upon hearing the extent of the complications left the couple’s children, Eddie, 5 years old and Bethany, who is 4 with their uncle and rushed to the hospital.

“It was horrendous – I was waiting outside just sitting down and pacing up and down, waiting to be told what was going on,” Dai said.

Amazingly, after the mother received an astonishing 44 pints of blood, the largest known blood transfusion in the UK, Natasha and new-born baby, Oliver were both safe and sound.

Credit: Carters News Agency

Natasha said: “I’m just so incredibly grateful to people that take the time to give blood – it’s life-saving.”

Natasha is grateful to those givers-of-life whom she may never meet, but were responsible in saving her life and will look for ways for her and her family to give back.

“I’ll be making sure the kids donate too when they’re old enough,” Natasha said.