23 super sized BIG dogs that still think they are cute little puppies

In this day and age when miniature and compact things are in fashion, these dogs are truly gigantically amazing. How these dogs have grown to be this big is mind boggling. Below are pet dogs that are humongous for their size.

These humans are sure enjoying their humongous pets. They have instant teddy bears to hug, furry mats to lie down on, pets as big as them to play with, and so much more. These pet are considered big for their size and they also think they are still puppies.

Dogs are truly man’s best friend! Big or small, short and tall we love them all!

 1. Is this a dog? No, I think its a chocolate colored teddy bear!

6 MESI vs 14 MESI 😂😂👊🏼

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2. This English Mastiff is really huuuuge!

3. You definitely sure look like a boy in a St. Bernard costume!

5. This is definitely going to be my ride to school today!

6. A furry monster on the outside but definitely a baby on the inside!

7. A drink please for a thirsty dog or some butter perhaps? 🙂

8. It is really nice to snuggle up with an eiderdown, oops, I meant a fluffy dog 🙂

This one & that one. #pillow #horsedog

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9. Oh my! what big ears you have! Are you a pharaoh or a sphinx perhaps?

10. Are you my missing son? Oh my, you’ve grown so tall!

11. So, are you my boss or are you Rupert my baby boy?!

12. For such a big ball of fur you look so sad with your puppy dog eyes 🙁

It's great to have the best patients! #mastiff #mastiffgram #fearfree #xrays

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13. You sure are big and fit to be a playmate to your human!

14. Are you a dog? Are you my buddy? I think you’re both – my buddy and my friend!

Días de campo!!!🐾🐾🌱🌳☀️😉 #Simon #dogodeburdeos #doguedebordeaux #ddb

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15. Is it okay if I snuggle up to you? You look like my pillow 🙂

The tallest sighthound with the smallest sighthound #wolfhound #italiangreyhound

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16. All the chairs are mine and mine alone!

Todas las sillas son mias! #mastinnapolitano #napoletanmastif #perro #dogs #mastiff #mastinonapoletano #igdogs #bigdog #cacheton

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17. This is a mountain of a dog with a big and long tongue!

Everyday is a gift. ❤️🐻 Love unconditionally, because tomorrow is not promised. ☀️💚 #HappyBirthdayChelsea

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18. Is that a coverlet on my sofa?! Oh, it’s my dog!

Daydreaming #scottishdeerhound #deerhound

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20. This dog sure has his own way of endearing himself!

Tvangskos #deerhound #hjortehund #hulda @erlendmyrstad

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21. Love that salad! care for seconds brother? :).

22. Yes, this one’s a dog. BUT HE’S HUGE RIGHT?

23. Big dogs rule and it’s all just about him!