Check out the latest craze for pet owners–’catios’!

Catios..who would have thought? Really, what a great idea!

An enclosed patio for a cat means peace of mind for the owner, and a great observation deck for puss, or a sundeck! I know I would feel like something was missing without my sunroom…

You get to see what the neighbors are up to–look at that pesky canine next door digging up the lawn. Honestly, cats will just love this new space. They are born stickybeaks.

Here is what some owners have devised for their beloved furry companions.

1. Bird observatory

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I have my new attire on, I am in my new observatory, little birdie you are most welcome to come visit–after all it is dinnertime!

2. Ultra modern apartment

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You see, some of us are very special and we expect the best, just like my very own apartment.

This is just the utmost in sophistication, don’t you think?

3. First home owners

Now I know it is a tad on the small side, my owners are newly married and their house is well, you know…a bit basic, but hey I love em’ heaps.

4. Ultimate playground

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We have it all in here, from carpeted runways to water play, just wish that pesky possum would stop badgering us to come in to have a doze! Really! Not on my watch.

5. Alcatraz

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I know I was a naughty boy in a past life, I have plenty of karma to repay, this is part of my penance – walking up and down all day every day. No all jokes aside, I really love my catio… honest.