3-month-old cute baby kittens in Japan must hug tight to fall asleep

How cute is too cute? This pair of adorable kittens could qualify for that prize.

The three months old kitty siblings, Canele and Amelie, won’t fall asleep unless they are paw to paw with their noses or ears touching. Then they are content and will drift off into a deep sleep.

Their delighted owner, Rie Tamura, from Japan regularly videos the adorable pair. “I’ve had the kittens for just one month now, I rescued them and became their foster mom,” she told the Daily Mail.

“They’re well-behaved, they can be mischievous, but they’re almost always loving towards each other.”

They have a cute little wooden bed to sleep in… two very lucky kittens. Well done! Rie, for making their lives so comfortable.

Credit: Caters News Agency

It looks like they are having a wonderful dream. Their teddy is there for company too.

Credit: Caters News Agency

Soft pillows and a blanket complete the picture.

Credit: Caters News Agency

The pair is inseparable. Hugging is essential!

Credit: Caters News Agency

Who knows what this pair may have meant to each other in their past life…!

Credit: Caters News Agency

“They love their older brother Sora and they want him to sleep with them, but they’re happy just the two of them,” said Rie.

Check out the video below!