Stray dog ‘decided’ to trust and got into someone’s car, this changed her life forever!

A chance encounter led to a life-changing occurrence for this poor starving and abandoned dog. She can count her lucky stars for accepting an invitation from a lady to hop into her car, as she was the one to save her life.

Poor Kelsey, she desperately needed help. She was in such a ghastly shape, and if she wasn’t rescued, she would have died of countless ailments, including mange, starvation, and disease.

In these photos, one witnesses Kelsey’s sorry plight, and one’s heart goes out to her. When the lady who saved her pleaded for her to trust her and to jump into her car, that’s when the life-change happened. Kelsey took the leap of faith and jumped into the car. To Kelsey’s angel savior, we are grateful for her wise and compassionate act.

Once Kelsey reached the vet clinic, she was looked after all the time

All of the staff at the vets tried their best to help the miserable homeless dog. It was a long, ardous journey.

Kelsey recovered quite quickly what with all the love and care showered on her by her savior…

The fur grew back slowly and so did her trust in humans. Kelsey now enjoys the outdoors and looks much better!

She also finds friends to play with!

Kelsey has definitely put on some weight and some confidence.

She is surely getting better day by day…

Kelsey now has her own comfortable bed and a bowl of fresh water always ready for her! Oh … is it Kelsey!

For sure, the sweet canine is truly transformed…

So different now…

Photos credit to: AcidCow.