Loving dog who spent every day beside her cancer-suffering owner, develops brain tumor

A loving German shepherd provided happiness and relief to his owner’s family during a challenging time in their lives. On his final day, he was given a tribute and a dream day he truly deserved.

Charlie, a German shepherd breed had been a good, obedient, and loving pet to the Navids family. He had been with them ever since he was a little puppy and had been part of the family ever since.

The family cared for Charlie as if he was one of the them, and Charlie truly became a provider of relief and joy especially during a hard chapter in the family’s lives.

Charlie’s owner, Penny had been diagnosed with breast cancer and throughout the whole ordeal, Charlie stayed with her. They say that a dog is a human’s best friend, and Charlie proved to be such.

Despite his lack of speech and ability to fully grasp human connection, his instinct served him well. During Penny’s chemotherapy sessions, Charlie stayed by her side. He pats and licks her head whenever he senses that Penny is in pain or in distress.

Fortunately, through the family’s help, love, and support, Penny was able to fully recover.

Just when they taught they can go back to their normal lives, another tumor was discovered , and this time it was Charlie’s life at steak.

The family then did all possible things to take care of their dying pet, and they made sure that his last day would be memorable and  fitting in his honor.

“We always joked about Charlie being the perfect police dog and by chance, we came across a policeman on her final day. He kept saying how pretty Charlie was and I asked him for a picture.”  Presley, Penny’s daughter recounted what happened  on the dog’s last day.

“We have kept the photo and the policeman will never understand how much that photo means to us, we can’t thank him enough.” She added.

Getting emotional, she said that “seeing the dog smile” was more than enough consolation for them.

Truly, pet’s are amazing gifts that remind us of the good life and to teach us to be selfless and loving. Salute, Charlie!

Images source: Carters News Agency