Man sees ‘something’ moving under a pile of garbage—on looking closer, he’s utterly shocked

Whilst some dogs have warm homes, some aren’t that lucky. This starving and injured dog was found abandoned in a shabbily made shelter. Fortunately, he was rescued by his caring new owner.

When Brazilian man Wilson Martins was out of town, he noticed something moving under a pile of garbage. As he neared the scraps of old newspapers and cardboard, he found it was actually a miserable and worn-out shelter. Inside lay a shockingly emaciated dog with a gaping open wound on its backside.

Davi spent his days in this shabby shelter outside town before he was picked up by Martins

Having been involved in the rescue of strays and abandoned dogs for years, Martins was heartbroken upon seeing the miserable scene. He approached the bony dog, who gently walked out of his makeshift rubbish shelter to greet his human visitor.

Martins immediately decided to bring the poor dog home to take care of it and named it Davi.

Davi soon underwent emergency surgery to treat the large, open wound on his bottom. Davi was 28 pounds (approx. 13 kg) when he was rescued, has gained much weight under the loving care of Martins, and has been befriended by many people. Now, Davi is a healthy and handsome dog thanks to his new owner’s love.

Davi gently approaches Martins

Martins decides to take Davi home

Martins loves the poor dog and takes good care of it

Davi underwent emergency surgery, and his serious wound has been treated

Davi has maintained his good nature, despite having been through so much

Once neglected, Davi is now getting some much-deserved attention

One year on and Davi has gained weight and looks healthy and happy

Photo Credit: Facebook | Wilson Will Martins.

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