Rare peacock slowly walks & turns around—see the magic unfold when it opens its tail feathers

Indian peacocks—of the male variety—are usually colored with an iridescent blue-and-green plumage, but the bird in the video further below is an exception.

The video features a leucistic peacock—probably more commonly known as an “albino peacock”—showing the full display of the beauty of its train while surrounded in stark urban surroundings.

©YouTube Screenshot | Shujat Ahmed

It is satisfying to watch how it walks around slowly while gradually opening its tail feathers. This is a show that has had more than 2 million views on YouTube.

Leucism is a condition in some animals where there is an absence of multiple pigmentation. Just like albinism observed in humans, an animal with leucism has a white appearance, and in the case of the video, it is easy to appreciate that an absence of color can be a beauty to behold in and of itself.

©YouTube Screenshot | Shujat Ahmed

Male Indian peacocks are one of the most beautiful designs of nature. The female peacock, or the peahen, has no train of tail feathers and has less colors than the male. Their colors vary between brown, gray, and cream. This makes it easier for the females to protect themselves in the wild as they can easily hide among trees and bushes.

A peafowl, the male of this species, generally takes on varying hues of blue color. They also have this elaborate train of colorful tail feathers, which, in theory, is used to attract mates.

©Getty Images | eROMAZe

It is not only the colors that attract mates. Peafowls also have a mating call, and they can also move their feathers to produce specific sounds that add to this attraction.

See the video below to fully appreciate this leucistic peacock’s majestic beauty:

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