Stray dog with messy fur could hardly see anything clearly—after makeover looks so different

With long mats almost covering her entire face and legs, a stray pooch was blindly running about on a busy street, and almost got herself killed in the heavy traffic. After being rescued and sent to a pet center by a kind passerby, she was given a snip and a wash. After a good pampering, she’s not only looking so much better, but she even has a new forever home.

It’s already unpleasant enough to see a tiny dog with unbelievably long and matted fur, but it would be horrifying to see it darting frantically to and fro on a busy road. In the case of this stray pooch, her eyes were almost veiled by her own matted fur. She must’ve been terrified by the traffic on the streets of Dayton, Ohio.

Illustration – Flickr | wsilver

Indeed, the poor dog could’ve gotten killed in the heavy traffic. But luckily, a passerby stopped to pick her up. Seeing how dangerous it was for the stray, the good Samaritan took her straight to the SICSA Pet Adoption Center.

Illustration – Flickr | faungg’s photos

The little dog, later nicknamed Raggedy Ann, had fur so long and messy that one could barely see her paws and face. She could hardly see anything clearly because of the dirty mats hanging before her eyes. She was a mess, and smelly, as feces and urine were left on the mats of her hind legs.

One would not know how thin the starving pooch was until she had her dirty mats shaved off.

It was quite a challenging task to groom Raggedy Ann’s terrible mats. SICSA’s groomer spent hours shaving her messy and tangled long fur, and an entire afternoon to trim her paws because of the messy mats and growth around her nails.

After a lengthy grooming session, a tiny and thin Raggedy Ann emerged after finally being liberated from her previously heavy encasing of unkempt, tangled fur. After a much-needed wash, she’s now looking like an adorable little dog.

After posing with her nice new look, Raggedy Ann was put up for adoption. Before long, a loving family adopted her and renamed her Luna. They take good care of Luna, along with their two other pet dogs. Now, Luna loves running around in her new yard, as well as playing and taking naps with her two new companions.

Luna now has a loving environment that she can call “home sweet home.”

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