Firemen dig around rabbit hole for 3 hrs to track someone—what’s stuck underground is shocking

These 10 brave firemen struggled for over three hours to make this rescue a success. Here’s the touching footage of their commendable work.

Cookie, a black Patterdale Terrier, was out playing in the field one day near Winnie Hill in Shrewsbury when she fell into a rabbit hole 5 feet underground. Her owner, Kay Barnes, tried to rescue her for almost two hours but was unsuccessful; so she decided to call for help.

The rabbit hole covered over 20 square meters of the area. A team of 10 firefighters began searching for Cookie. Through the hole, the firemen were shouting and calling out for the trapped pet, and all the while, they could hear her faint cries.

They used special listening devices, which are also used in earthquake rescue operations, to locate the dog. Almost three hours later, they were able to track her. They dug a trench near that area and coaxed her to climb out by luring her with some biscuits.

“I’m absolutely delighted to have Cookie back,” Barnes told The Telegraph.

This dog was fortunate that firemen managed to rescue her before it was too late. It was an absolutely heartwarming moment to see when the dog re-united with her owner.

Video Credit: Soul Support.