Ten brave firemen rescue dog trapped for nine hours deep inside a rabbit hole

Dogs are very playful and mischievous by nature. They do not realize the danger they are in as long as they are able to have fun. Luckily they are man’s best friend, and some animal-lovers will do anything to look for them when they are lost or are in danger.

Cookie a black Pattersdale terrier was out playing in the field one day. When she chanced upon a rabbit, she began chasing it and fell into a rabbit hole five feet underground. Her human Kay Barnes tried to rescue her for almost two hours but was unsuccessful. Finally, when she could not get Cookie out the rabbit hole, she decided to call for help.

A team of ten firefighters heed the call for help and began searching for Cookie. They made use of state of the art gadgets to locate Cookie’s exact location in the rabbit hole. They made use of an earthquake rescue equipment and when they have found her, they dug a trench near to where Cookie was. They coaxed her to climb out of the trench by luring her up with dog biscuits.

It took three hours for the firemen to rescue Cookie from the rabbit hole that covered almost 20 square meters of the area. Through the hole the firemen were shouting and calling out for Cookie and they could hear her faint cries for help.

After digging for quite some time, the dog was finally saved. Relief came to the pooch’s owner as she embraced her pet in her arms again. Thanks to these heroic firefighters who helped this woman another innocent life has been saved.

“I’m absolutely delighted to have Cookie back. We set off for the walk early in the morning but we didn’t end up getting back until around 5pm. There must have been around 10 fire fighters there and they worked for hours to get her free.” said Ms. Barnes told The Telegraph.

It is very fortunate that these firemen all came to help save the pet. It was a very heartwarming moment when dog and owner were re-united in each other’s arms. Truly there are still kind-hearted men and women, who will risk their lives to help animals. These firemen saved the day!