The first-time mom dog was exhausted giving birth—then owners were amazed counting the puppies

Giving birth is no easy task, and that certainly goes for animal mothers too. Whilst an average litter size for most dogs may be around five to six, depending on the breed, spare a thought for this mother. She was absolutely exhausted after giving birth to 13.

©YouTube Screenshot | Pepijn Werkman

Meet Diva. At the time this photo was taken, she was a heavily pregnant 3-year-old mixed American stafford with a belly like no other.

She had developed a relationship with the family’s 13-year-old mixed shepherd, Joey.

©YouTube Screenshot | Pepijn Werkman

“The two started a love-affair in June 2013 … and it resulted in a pregnancy,” wrote the owner in a YouTube video of Diva giving birth. “After only 59 days, thirteen little miracles” were ready to be introduced into the world.

Squatting on towels, panting, and extremely exhausted, this first-time mom was in labor. Her owner stood beside her ready to help.

©YouTube Screenshot | Pepijn Werkman

As she started pushing out her first pup, she was already feeling the intensity of the task. She was even a bit “spooked,” according to her owner, that she tried to sit down mid-birth. Luckily, her owner stopped her from sitting on her newborn, which was still on its way out.

“We helped her a bit, and after the first puppy got out safely Diva calmed down.”

©YouTube Screenshot | Pepijn Werkman

Her first puppy was multi-colored. And the second one, black. Each puppy is seen being hand-collected, so as to save them from dropping onto the towels. Diva’s owner helped open the puppies’ amniotic sacs, whilst Diva looked back at her two newborns, which had instinctively started sucking on her teats, and squeaking all the while.

©YouTube Screenshot | Pepijn Werkman

“Some hours later Diva was very tired. We had to help delivering another puppy by gently pulling it out.”

After an intense and lengthy stint, Diva had finally given birth to 13 puppies, all delivered alive and seemingly healthy.

©YouTube Screenshot | Pepijn Werkman

In the footage, Diva is seen affectionately licking her thirteenth newborn, most likely feeling a lot lighter after that larger-than-average litter. Although there was much joy, sadly, one puppy died on the night of its birth.

©YouTube Screenshot | Pepijn Werkman

One month later, a new video of Diva’s 12 puppies was uploaded onto YouTube, where they’re all looking bigger, and very cute.

©YouTube Screenshot | Pepijn Werkman

Now that it’s 2017, they must all be full-size, and a delightful handful for their owner. That’s a big family!

Watch the 12 puppies one month later:

Source: Honest to Paws.

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