Treat for animal lovers: Inter-species friendships that transcend all ‘racial’ differences

Animals are not bothered by each others’ differences, and this photo gallery proves it. They know to treat their fellow furry companions with love and respect.

Yes indeed, you are about to witness a monkey straddling a dog, among some other surprises. But in the animal kingdom, where relationships are more simple and carefree, such warmth expressed between different animals doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s just the way it is!

The unlikely combination of some of these animals in such harmony with one another will make your day. Animal lovers, you’ll like this.

#1. I just want you to know, you’re my most precious human

Credit: Imgur 

#2. Not something you’d do with a full-size elephant…but, little Dumbo is okay!

Credit: Imgur 

#3. They’re just like kittens, only hampster-like…

Credit: Flickr | ilovebutter

#4. Now that’s a lovely, close bond these two have

Credit: Imgur 

#5. Come down kitty, I just want to rub my goat face all over you

Credit: Tumblr | awwww-cute

#6. Yeah, …MOO!… lick it right there, that’s good…

Credit: Instagram | speegyspeegs

#7. The ninja kitty has been caught in the act! (No dogs were harmed in the making of this photo)

Credit: Imgur | 

#8. Awww, they’re good pals

Credit: Twitter | Sunil‏

#9. Aren’t they adorable together? It seems though, that kitty hasn’t been pricked yet…

Credit: Flickr | Elena Zamprogno

#10. Just look at this dog, obviously a loyal canine

Credit: Imgur 

#11. The two seem to be doing a bit of shadow boxing together…

Credit: Imgur

#12. What a cute little thing!

Credit: Flickr | Kathy