World’s BIGGEST RABBIT, 33 pounds, is in love—the pair are bigger than many dogs!

This record-breaking rabbit finally found his sweetheart. The owner said it was love at first sight, and held a wedding for the big bunnies.

The plus-sized bunny Darius tips the scales at 33 pounds (roughly 15 kg) and measures 4ft 4 (1.3 m) while his big bunny bride Honey weighs 28 pounds (12.7 kg) and measures 3ft 11 (1.2 m).

Annette Edwards, 65, from Worcester, England, said: “There is no secret to growing the world’s biggest rabbit–I just look after them as if they were dogs,” who owns the world’s biggest rabbit. “Darius is a record-breaking rabbit, and his other half, Honey is the biggest girl we’ve ever had.”

Credit: Carters News Agency

The giant 7-year-old rabbit, Darius, finally found his sweetheart Honey, 11 months ago.

“There was an instant spark between them,” said Edwards.

Credit: Carters News Agency
Credit: Carters News Agency

Darius is bigger than most dogs and people love going around seeing the adorable giant couple.

“People just stare in amazement when they see Darius and Honey–they’re shocked, they can’t believe how big they are,” said Edwards, who has 10 children, 14 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. “People have never seen rabbits this big before!” she added.

Darius and Honey are parents of one large bunny. Sadly, their second big baby rabbit Simon, who was expected to outgrow his father Darius, mysteriously died on a United Airlines flight in April this year, whilst it was on its way to his new celebrity owner in the U.S.

Credit: Carters News Agency

“Darius is from a family of giant rabbits but he is the biggest bunny in history.”

This jumbo couple, who cost £5,000 (more than $6,000 USD) per year in upkeep, naturally work up a big appetite, consuming thousands of pounds of carrots each year.

“I treat them really well and indulge them in the odd carrot or 12,” said the proud Edwards.

Credit: Carters News Agency

She was amazed at how the two love bunnies adore each other so much.

“Darius is always licking Honey’s face like he’s kissing her, and she’ll nuzzle herself into him.”

“They loved the wedding because they love being together.”

“They’ll spend their honeymoon hopping around together, looking at the sheep in the field.”