81-year-old childhood sweethearts marry each other after 64 years, rekindling their lost love

When we are young, we are hardly sure what we want; with the raging hormones and peer pressure, we can hardly decide for ourselves whether this person in the class or high school is truly the person we want to spend our life with. And then life goes on … but somewhere in the corner of our hearts, during those quiet private moments, the first love of our life does come sneaking in.

Just like in this beautiful love story of Joyce Kevorkian and Jim Bowman, where both lost their beloved spouses after leading years of fulfilling married life. Joyce had lost the sparkle in her life, and Jim was, too, getting lonely. But when, after 64 years, the high school prom partners met, the sparks started flying once again, proving it is never too late to be in love.

Joyce graduated in 1953, got married with her loving husband, Harry, and had three lovely children and a fulfilling life. But after more than fifty years of married life, she eventually lost her dear husband. Jim also got married to Jane in 1958, whom he met in college, and had a good married life. His wife, too, passed away due to Alzheimer’s last year, after suffering a stroke.

Jim was lonely and he took a chance to call up his childhood sweetheart. After a period of six decades, they both met and wished to reunite.

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Joyce and Jim had dated during their high school years in the 1950s and had even gone to the prom together.

“We were in the same friendship group at school and loved to go dancing together,” Joyce told The Sun. “Jim even asked me to go to the prom with him, we had some wonderful times.” But then they graduated and went their own separate ways, each finding their love, and married happily to their respective spouses.


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Each day thereafter for at least an hour, the two would chat on the phone. One day, Jim picked up the courage and asked if he could come and visit her.

Jim took a flight and made a five-hour trip to finally meet his high school sweetheart. When they eventually met, they felt that their age-old connection was still not lost. He then took her for a date.

“It was just like there was a spark that was smoldering inside of our hearts and neither one of us knew it because there was no reason to explain our high school sweethearts to our then-happily married marriages,” Bowman told the ABC News. “But then when we came back together, that spark was begging to ignite again.”

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“We said to each other, I wonder if it will be possible to pick up where we left off 64 years ago,” Jim says in the ABC News video.

Joyce said, “One day on the phone he said, ‘will you marry me’ and I said ‘Yes, that is a good idea’, so we did.”

On April 1 this year, they made their decision known, saying it was a “good date for old fools in love.”
“We’re just two 81-year-old fools married on old Fools’ Day,” Jim said.

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“He was fun and considerate and nice when he was a young man,” Joyce explained. “There aren’t a whole lot of gentlemen left in the world. My husband was a gentleman and I was very happily married to him. So it was nice to find he was the same kind, considerate man that he was when he was in high school.”
“It was really sweet. I was with her when he proposed,” Harris, the 21-year-old Joyce’s granddaughter said. “He did it over the phone. It was fun. That was the day I really noticed how much happier she was.”
“You could see on the phone how obviously in love she was. She was all giggly. It’s really sweet,” Harris said.

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The new couple went on a honeymoon to Brown County State Park and visited Harris at the Indiana University where she studied. “We plan to make the best of every moment we have left,” said the 80+year-old loving couple.